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Graeme was sacked from Westpac for taking everyday punters deposits after the branch closed at the Nerang branch , qld. He was also under investigation for his loans for SMF , that he he found a loop ho,e in the Westpac auditing process, processing the loans as principle private property loans.

He was summariily dismissed by Westpac for this .

Don't believe that Graeme's " rebuttle of the banks"

He is a pure scammer,! He also committed a criminal account by acting as an an agent of Ms Susan Framakis , taking a deposit bond of a retired man in Broadbeach....

Do your home work friends

Graeme works with Provident Super Invvestments. mr Tim Casey. Property spur kier. A total shame

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Graeme Holm Rebecca Walker infinity group AUSTRALIA Bella vista SCAM


Infinity investments rip off and Graeme Holm is a a scam at Westpac.


Graeme Holm Westpac Scam. Rip off. Property Spruiker


It's a very simple question for future clients of Graeme , Adkins him why he was sacked by Waetpac, and was he stealing clients deposits after banking hours at Netang branch, qld . This is the actual question of personal lalitity of the man? Any persons, consididering doing business with this low life, please call Westpac, to get a reverence , period!,!.

to Anonymous #1617345

Hi Anonymous, please contact us. We would like to hear your story.

So many have come forward.

If you know more let us know. He has hurt so many people.

to Mark #1623130

Thanks for your information. Can’t belive he knew the valuers as well as the Banker s approving all the loans .


Graeme holm is ripping off Pensioners and people in old persons home to buy his wife Rebecca expensive jewellery and handbags.


Graeme Holm scam


Hi, I am investigating this company and it would be good to speak with you further, if possible. Feel free to email Thanks.


We now know which loans Graeme did to get sacked Feom Westpac. and who graeme was doing loans for when he was sacked from Weatpac.

we got another email saying that Graeme was putting through these fraudulent SMSF loans for Stanley On High through Westpac Nerang. We have 10 victims in this property already. We now know that David Anthony was going direct to Graeme, even though he had a broker sitting in the next office next to him. What a scammer he is.

Graememust be exposed. David Anthony was sub leasing to a broker called Joseph Ghoussain. We are told David sold the said brokerage businessto Joseph.???? we are investigating.

The media are waiting till we find out who they can approach and put on the camera.Ben make sure you keep media informed and hold off the picketers till we hear. Get Sonia and Judith to wait as well. This story is getting big and we hear involves other big people on Goldcoast. All other loans for other legitimate transactions where all going through Joseph, bar the dodgy SMSF loans.

So Joseph may be stuck in Graeme evil web of deceit , We will emailto Joseph for his true storywe also know Graeme was sacked from Westpac for taking people’s deposits after the branch closed at the Nerang branch , qld. We would like to know more if anyone had info we can investigate and promise he will get prosecuted by policse. We heard when Graeme got the boot, David Anthony from Zest group employed Graeme even when he had a cancelled real estate licence. The lawyers have inform Asic and fair trading about all these activities.

The integrity unit is investigating. He will get a sever punishment. We think that zest Darwin is legitimate and maybe David Anthony was in a bind and goy caught in the liars web. What a scammer Graeme Holm is.

He hurt even his friends he just wants money money money while we get poorer he gets richer. We know Rebecca is in on this as well. And Graeme will put her under bus when caught. He is such a slimeball., Some other has come to us and said to us that there are major structural issues with Stanly On High Which was caused by another South East Qld dodgy builder/ developer.

We areinvestigating this and will report. Thisnis getting very close to Graeme being exposed. Please continue talking to your friends and getting on the phones. More people have been hurt .

Graeme gets rich taking advantage of us and it has to stop.

Have faith. Victims of Graeme Holm association

to VictimsofGraeme #1562193

Why was Graeme Holm making monthly payments to Joseph ? During 2010 to 2012 ?

Was this the commission David Anthony was paying Graeme through his sub lessee , the person he sold hod financial services business to? Get ASIC to investigate this please

to Anonymous #1562225

Greame sold Stanley on High units x2 to his so called buddy, who worked in the Gold Coast sleezy night clubs, where he met his ex wife Jacklyn Dunn a *** prosciutto David Anthony was fully complicit to Graeme's loans and circunvented the loans because it worked for him, because of his development would not reach the LVR David took in Greame as gratifude for his illegal loans? David Anthony is a criminal and must be penalised

to Anonymous #1566415

Anonymous your input is great. We will investigate this thankyou for your help. Graeme and his criminalgroup is going to jail.

to Anonymous #1566409

Anonymous we are wanting to get ASIC to investigate ,.its worse because he committed by loan fraud on his $6.1Million dollars home as well so it’s a Police mattr as well. We need to understand more about the Joseph payment in 2010 to 2012 and sublease to make sure Asic Investigate more. .

to Victimsofgraemeholm #1566970

Why was David/ Joseph giving Graeme a 5 series's BMW to drive around in for 2 years after he left Zest Group? Just check who's name was on the registration.

It was Joes wife!!!!!! Just get him, please cause he will not stop


Anon, we will get him. He has ripped off to many people .

we have so many come forward.

Thankyou for you help capture this crook liar *** We know he has hurt so many innocence people. You are a angel for coming forward.

to Mark Hajen #1558316

Hi Mark, I am investigating this company and it would be good to speak with you further, if possible. Feel free to email Thanks.

to Mark Hajen #1566977

He sold and presented fraudulently constructed the loans for his buddy Jay, I believe Joseph presented and concluded the paperwork and presented these deals to broker channels. Also it was Jays Broadbeach apartment that Graeme acted "without consent of Ms Susan Farmakis" as a licences real estate agent and pocketed the bond , Graeme extorted from a retired man of European decent, whom was frightened and bullied into handing over cash to Graeme back in circa 2011. This was the security required to purchase the 2 apartments in Stanley St.

to Anonymous #1567410

Hi Anonymous this is very very good. We are getting a new response every two or so days from some one scammmed by Graeme.

Oeiple really don’t like Him in Stanley streey. Our reporters would love to see any documents you might have to email.

Very confidential. Thanks


Sorry Mark , got confused with the format of this site and posted your queries as a new post. That's it from me and I believe I have given you enough rope.regards *

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